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Episode 293: Awful Beautiful Life

"Hey baby," Xavier said, gliding in beside Ava. He pressed his lips to her soft neck. He’d had a good day in the studio, laid down another track but home with her, that was really everything.

Thankfully she’d gotten in the car with him the night he’d walked in on her and Sebastian or who knows if he’d even still be breathing let alone gazing into those pretty brown eyes. He wouldn’t want to live without her.

"Xavier?" She asked as his mouth covered hers. She tasted better every time.


"I think our noses look alike, don’t you?" Ava shoved a photo album at him.

Her mom. She’d shown him these pictures before, gushed about Mary Lubin. "The bridges of our noses they’re both flat aren’t they?" Ava asked with so much hope that Xavier felt like his heart might collapse under the weight of it. "And we both have thick dark hair."

Brown hair and brown eyes but other than that, who knew? He should encourage her to find out one way or the other. But he didn’t want to see her crushed, lose her mom again - she loved Mary Lubin to a heartbreaking degree. And hell, it was selfish but what if her biological parents pushed him out of the picture?

"You just look like you baby, that’s all that matters."

Episode 294: The Letter

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