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Episode 292: Underneath Your Clothes

"Is Jesse asleep?" Lila nodded. She wore a big sweatshirt but pulled a sofa pillow onto her lap just in case the little bump showed. She just couldnít tell him. Have him hate her. Even more. "You havenít been around much. Jesseís really missed you. So have I."

"Sorry I just... I had some thinking to do and I couldnít do it around here. Iíll make it up to Jess." He sat beside her. Tossed the cushion aside. Her eyes widened as he laid his hand upon her kicking belly. "Youíre so tiny. Just like with Jess. No one would even guess youíre pregnant, except for the glow maybe, but I guess I think you do that all the time."

"H-how did you find out?" Lila squeezed her eyes shut.


Tears flooded down her cheeks. "Iím due any minute. The baby could be yours. From that last night. Do you want it to be yours?"

"Do you know Gable talks about you as if he never even liked you let alone loved you? You left me for someone who doesnít like you."

"I know and Iím so stupid and so sorry."

"Do you love him?"

"I thought so but then I donít miss him I miss his money. But you, I miss you all the time." She rested her damp cheek to his. "Do you want it to be yours?"

Episode 293: Awful Beautiful Life

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