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Episode 289: Nobody Drinks Alone

"Get out of the car Avalon!" Xavier wanted to peel out of the driveway. He wanted to find a way to numb the pain. But mostly he just didnít want to hurt her.

The CDs, the vase, at the moment he considered it pure luck heíd gotten out of the house, away from her before she wound up all smashed on the floor too. They always say like father, like son, donít they?

"Please Ava," he turned his head picturing his motherís swollen bloody face attached to Avaís body, "get out of the car."

Xavierís eyes fell on Sebastian. His preppy head down, he sprinted across the lawn to his fancy sports car around the corner. That Xavier wanted a pill, a drink, a needle, something, was the only thing keeping him from chasing Marques, running him down and beating him to a pulp. He wouldnít even let vengeance get in the way, delay his fix.

"Youíre not going to lay a finger on me Xavier, I know you scared yourself in the house, but," she laid a hand on his forearm, "you didnít scare me, not that way anyway. But I am scared for you, let me stay in the car, let me explain."

"You were kissing him in our house; thereís nothing to explain."

"Are you sure thereís nothing to explain? Because I think youíre just looking for an excuse to jump. And you said Iíd never be the reason so donít make me feel like I am. Do you know how much Iím going to blame myself when something happens to you?"

"Iím not your problem. I never shouldíve been. I knew this day would come, Iíve always told you that, I donít blame you, I was stupid to think... Youíre a lot more in his league than you are in mine."

"I am not!" The cry lacing her shout forced him to look. He could hardly stomach the awful storm in her eyes, the wetness of her cheeks. "Iím not some spoiled rich kid. Iím not. And I donít want him. I was confused and upset and he was there. Xavier, he swore he met my dad. And... And he said my mom wasnít my mom."


Episode 290: Invisible

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