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Episode 283: I Thought You Knew

Sebastian paced the narrow hallway, wringing his hands until finally Bowie answered the door. He needed advice badly. And unlike him, he could be certain Bowie had Avalonís best interests at hearr. "You picked a fine time to get a life, where have you-"

The next thing Bas knew he was laid out flat, his jaw aching something fierce. Hands checking for broken bones, he glared at Bowie, "nice to see you too, pal."

"I wasnít away getting a life," Bowie sneered and his blue eyes flashed in a way that made Sebastian cringe and pull his body closer to the far wall. "I was away with Lila and Jesse, trying to resist the life you stole away from me."

"Stole... Oh, this is about Lila?" Damn Lila! Why hadnít she cleared his name? That couldnít be helping his standing with Ava any, he tells her one thing and Lilaís spewing something else. "I guess we havenít seen each other since you two broke up Bo, Iím really sorry-"

Watching Bowie flex his fingers, Sebastian blurted, "Youíre punching the wrong guy, Iím not Curran Gable."


"Lila had an affair with your former business partner; I havenít touched her in years."

Guilt for the part he played gnawing at him, Bas added, "you should think about forgiving her, the guyís a real sleaze, heís conned a lot of smart women. Now, about why Iím here, Ava-"

"Iíve gotta go." Bowie grabbed his keys, slammed the door and tore off down the hall.

Sebastian slumped against the wall, the pain in his jaw matching the one that had plagued his head and heart the past few days. Heíd expected Bowie to tell him what to do about Avaís dad. And more important the other things heíd figured out. Things that might be good for him, but maybe, probably, heartbreaking for her.

Episode 284: Dirty Little Secrets

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