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Episode 282: I'll Never Do Better Than You

Sebastian lay in the dark, eyes open, one leg draped over the back of the sofa, an empty bottle balanced on his tuxedo shirt. Too drunk to focus on anything that might take his mind off seeing the girl he loved kissing a jackass and yet not drunk enough to pass out. A hell of a way to ring in the New Year.

Someday she’d see. She’d wake up next to Xavier and wonder why she threw her life away. And when that day comes he'll reject her the same way-

The doorbell rang.

Though wobbly, Sebastian sprang to his feet, with no thought of anyone other than Avalon at the door. Certainly no thought of rejecting her either.

Flicking on the light, he smoothed his hair and yanked open the door. His big dumb grin felt all the dumber as he found himself gazing into middle-aged crow’s feet rather than Ava’s gorgeous brown eyes. "Hey man, if you're with the clean up crew, the party was next door."

Sebastian moved to shut the door but a muscular arm held it open. "Look if this is about a girlfriend, or your daughter maybe, I swear-"

"Nah, you’re safe," the guy grinned like he knew Sebastian’s viewpoint quite well. "I’m Cal Baird; you came to see me about a year ago, you probably don’t remember."

Avalon’s father? Sebastian leaned against the door, hugging his sides, head woozy. "I remember."

"I pretty much forgot about it until a few days ago it hit me, that name Mary Lubin, I think she was Sarette Warner’s maid." Cal’s eyes dropped and he played with the watch on his wrist the same way Ava fiddled with her pearls. "Is this really about some magazine article or did Sarette send you and I was too stupid... Is she all right? Am I too late?"

Episode 283: I Thought You Knew

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