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Episode 278: The Sweetest Gift

"Smells sickening in here," Xavier mentioned, entering the kitchen wrapping his arms around Avaís waist.

"Sorry, I hoped Iíd be done before you got home." Gingerbread men piled in a tin, Avalon turned welcoming her boyfriend with a thorough kiss. "I know you hate sweets."

"Not all of them." Xavier grinned. His hand teased her shirt hem. "So whatís all this for? Giving up book reviews to become a baker?"

Though Avalon understood he was kidding, the trace of hopefulness in his voice twisted her guts. She shook off the guilt. "Nope. I bake like this every Christmas."

His mouth drooped. "I guess I didnít notice last year."

"No, you didnít. Itís no big deal though just inexpensive gift giving. I usually make Bowie and Jesse their favorites and give the Marquesí something decadent-"

Xavier gritted his teeth and turned away.

"I shouldnít have mentioned them. Youíve got enough challenges without me adding undue strain. Iíll quit my jobs."

"Iím jealous Avalon." He faced her, looped his arms around her neck. "But thatís my problem, itís not like youíve thrown yourself at preppie. Iím dealing with it and if I do screw up itíll be my own fault not yours, understood?"

Ava nodded. Though unsure, she smiled. "So I have an early present for you."

"Yeah? Whatís that?"


"Exactly what I want to unwrap."

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