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Episode 274: Better Than I Deserve

"Have a nice weekend Jess." Lila forced a smile to combat the clouds in her eyes as she watched Bowie fold her son in his arms, wishing heíd do the same with her.

"Iím gonna set up the Lego Ďkay dad? Bye Mommy!"

The little boy tore off his jacket and raced to a tiny room just off the matchbox sized living room/kitchen. Bowie tossed the jacket over the ragged sofa. He hardly uttered a word to Lila anymore. She even missed his reprimands.

Why did she always wake up too late? Lila ran a hand along a nubby blanket piled atop a pillow on the sofaís arm. "Lucky Jess is still small or heíd never get a good nightís sleep."

"He gets the bed." Bowie scowled. "I take the sofa."

"Of course you do," Lila sighed.

"Whatís that supposed to mean?"

"Donít be so defensive, I-" She clamped a hand over her mouth. Finding the bathroom, Lila assumed her standard morning position, only normally no one held back her hair.

Afterwards, he joined her on the cold tiles, felt her forehead. "Youíre a little warm."

Because of him. Other men need guitars, power, money- but Bowie; itís his goodness thatís unbearably sexy.

"Stay the weekend." Bowie muttered a curse. "Iím not being a pushover, itís just that youíre Jesseís mom and somebody needs to take care of you, thatís all."

Lila bit her lower lip. She should tell him sheís not sick. Sheís pregnant and the odds arenít in his favor, again. But she wanted the weekend.

Episode 275: Check Yes Or No

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