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Episode 273: This Time

Bas held the paper to his nose. Closed his eyes. Inhaled.

"Should I have knocked?" Taro joked, strolling into the office, arms crossed over a green argyle sweater.

Bas reluctantly put down the paper. Her scent drifted away. Ivory soap and roses, gone. The same way Avalon told him to think of her before she hung up on him. "Whatís up Taro?"

"Two things, I havenít gotten Avaís reviews yet, I thought it would be smarter to go to you than Kylie-"

"I edited it myself. Not that it needed any editing. Sheís great at... everything. Sheís not too fond of me telling her so though."

"Are you aware youíve slept with every woman who works here?"

"Not the janitorís daughter." Sebastian smirked trying to perk himself up but failing to erase the finality ringing in his ear. "Youíre Avaís editor from now on, okay? This hiring her isn't working like I planned, but hey, maybe sheís found her calling, youíre supposed to be happy for people you love right?"

"So youíre finally outright admitting it. Huh, well thatís the other thing this piece Kylieís doing on Xavier Rafi- Look I know you forced her on him to put something unflattering out there but sheís buzzing in and out of the office. Iím worried itís real bad Bas, if Ava winds up hating him, I think it could be even worse for the guy who published it."

"You, my friend, donít have enough female experience to know Kylieís probably gonna make the guy look like Prince Charming to get back at me." Sebastian frowned. "Just another plan backfiring on me thatís all."

Episode 274: Better Than I Deserve

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