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Episode 269: The Hard Way

"Didnít you say you were having some kind of crisis and all that garbage about me being your only friend- seems more like youíre stuffing your face on my dime," Sebastian complained after Lila ordered a three-course lunch.

"Technically your daddyís dime," Lila shot back.

"Whatever. I should be at the office."

"You wanna be there day and night on the off chance Miss Princess has to come in for that fake job?"

"Itís not fake and donít say that in front of her or this is the last free lunch you get out of me, I guess thatíd be good for you though, keep eating like this and youíll blow up like a balloon."

"Thatís kind of a given with pregnancy."

"Pregnancy?" Sebastianís surprise quickly turned to elation over the insurance that his mom would stay away from that greaseball. The last thing he needed is for dad to lose mom, and have more time to mess around in his life, notice Avaís place in it. "Congrats, youíve finally snared a rich dude whether he wants to or-"

"I donít want Curran, I want Bowie!" Lilaís head fell in her hands. "Why did I cheat?"

Basí stomach twisted knowing the blame somewhat laid on his encouragement. "This is just hormones talking nonsense Lila."

"No! Iím in love with Bowie. What if the baby isnít his? Again? Youíve gotta help me Bas. Heís way more into me than Ava is you and sheís falling for your tricks."

Episode 270: Your Everything

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