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Episode 268: Nobody's Girl

"Dad taught me his phone number," Jesse announced, repeatedly jumping to reach the telephone attached high on the office wall. "Heíll make you all better mom. He always kisses my scrapes."

"You are not calling Bo!" Lila Benson fumed. "Itís bad enough you called 911 now weíll have another bill."

"Iím sorry mom," the little boy cried. "You fell on the floor, I got scared and dad told me-"

"Stop talking about-"

"You did the right thing Jesse;" Dr. Katherine Marques ruffled his hair. "Your mom is just a little on edge. Your dadís right if something scary happens like your mom fainting you should always call 911."

"Dadís right all the time."

"Didnít I vomit enough yesterday morning?" The boyís mother complained. "Iím sorry baby, the doctorís right, Iím having a miserable time. And yeah, Bowieís always frigginí right."

"Here Jesse," Katherine handed the boy some plain paper and crayons. "You go draw at that little table while I finish up with your mom."

"Iím not a bad mom," Lila insisted. "Iím just not... perfect all the time, you know?"

Katherine nodded. Her youngest was home for the summer and she seemed to have missed the entire visit. She would however, not allow this situation to go unchecked. "You never mentioned vomiting earlier, along with loss of appetite and fainting it leads me to suspect you may be pregnant, when was your last period, please tell me since you were last with my son?"

Episode 269: The Hard Way

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