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Episode 254: Again

"Bowie could you grab Shelby, there’s a new dog in the neighborhood and we’re not sure about her bite yet." Ava watched her best friend scoop up the cat. The stricken look on Bowie’s face alarmed her and she tugged him inside by the arm.

"Has something happened to Jesse? Lila? Your Parents?"

"She’s cheating with Sebastian again."

Xavier strolled around the corner, pulling a black shirt over his scrawny frame and grabbed the car keys from the hall table. "Sounds like that guy to me. At least maybe he’ll quit sniffing around you now."

Ava frowned at her boyfriend but decided to let it slide jealousy not being the worst of his problems. "Where are you going?"

Xavier’s hand went to her waist. "Meeting." His eyes stayed on her, a plea to keep this just between them. She had no intention of telling anyone anything he didn’t want them to know.

"Come home right after." She smiled hopefully. "I’ll make a nice dinner."

"Count on it." He pressed his lips to hers. "See ya man." Xavier jabbed Bowie in the shoulder on his way out. "Tough luck about your lady."

They settled in silence in the living room. Silence until Bowie spat, "Are you just never gonna end this Ava? That guy is bad news."

Episode 255: Right Beside You

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