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Episode 250: Don't

"Do you want to dance or anything?" Paul asked.

Seated beside her boyfriend, Adria frowned at the string quartet and the happy couples in their ice cream colored clothes. "No I donít feel like it."

"Did I do something to make you mad?"

"You wouldíve told my dad."

"So what, youíd rather have your movie and date a liar?"

Adria went silent. She knew he had a point but it still annoyed her to no end.

"I think maybe I should go. Maybe you need some space."


"Iíll call you tomorrow."

Paul left without a kiss. Adria walked to the refreshment table intent on grabbing some lemonade and running upstairs to study her lines. But there he stood her savior. "Hey Taro thanks for having my back with dad."

"Iíve spent so much time covering for Bas it just comes natural to me now."

"Well I thought it was sweet to think there was a time you couldíve had me at less than hello. Back then I wouldíve thrown myself at you if you did anything half so kind." Adria leaned in and kissed his cheek. He smelled really good.

Taroís light Asian skin colored an embarrassed crimson. "Donít. You cheapen yourself talking that way. And what would your boyfriend think?"

"He wouldnít even notice."

Episode 251: Me, Myself And I

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