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Episode 248: I Want Love

The doorbell rang. Sebastian navigated through the caterers and poured himself some orange juice. His kitchen was running low ever since Ava left the market; most of his meals came from the main house these days.

Sebastian’s mother in a pale yellow power suit barked orders at the staff and then him. "Bassie would you get the door and sign for the flowers please? I’m swamped here with Ava’s not coming-"

"Why? Is something wrong with Avalon?" Sebastian’s heart slammed into his throat.

"She’s fine. Her boyfriend’s under the weather."

"I bet." Bas stalked through the living room. The guy probably overdosed again and she’s that good a person that she’ll stand by him no matter what.

Signing for the flowers, he sat on the front step head in his hands listening to the deliverymen’s footsteps treading towards the backyard. He had plans for today. Bought Kylie a really hot Italian dress to make Ava jealous, realize that she still loves him.

Now he had to rely on plan B. Kylie kept yakking about writing a piece on Xavier and it finally occurred to Sebastian that a pretty blonde alone for hours on end with a musician, something’s bound to happen there. And he’d make sure Ava found out.

Sebastian frowned, shaking his head as he looked up at the bright blue sky. Today should’ve been a good day. He’d leapt out of bed early this morning, excited by the prospect of just two stolen minutes with her and now he gets none thanks to that druggie."

Episode 249: Catch My Fall

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