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Episode 247: Don't Turn Off The Light

Xavierís hands pushed Avalonís arms away. He walked to the closet and dropped a black duffle bag on the floor. "You stay. I only bought this place for you. Feels strange not to crash on somebodyís floor anyway. I donít belong here with you."

Ava chewed her lower lip and stormed over to him. She kicked the duffle across the room. Her fingers splayed at the sides of his neck. "We can throw blankets on the floor. I donít mind. I didnít grow up with a silver spoon not that Iíd ever compare constantly moving from apartment to apartment and not always having enough to eat with what you went through."

"Don't let me stay Ava." He turned her shoulders to the mirror. "Look, my fingerprints are still on your jaw."

"You didnít hurt me. And you wonít. I have faith in you."

"God you sound like my mother."

"Youíre not your father Xavier. Youíre not."

"Maybe Iíd never snap your neck but because of me you should get tested for HIV and who knows what else, is that any better?"

"No. Itís not okay. And just because I donít want to lose you doesnít mean I intend to keep looking the other way. That was stupid. I wonít let you slowly kill yourself and me in the process. I love you though, do you get that? I love you and I refuse to make this easy for you by giving up on you, by giving you a built in excuse to destroy yourself."

Episode 248: I Want Love

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