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Episode 240: All I Wanna Do

Curran climbed into bed with his wife. They hadnt had sex in two weeks. He had. Physically hed more than made up for lost time.

"Should I put on some Prince?" He grinned lowering the left spaghetti strap of her red teddy. He smothered her clavicle in hungry kissed, eager to taste her. Reaching across her, he extinguished the table lamp and pulled down the other strap. Body shifted over her curves his lips moved downwards.

"Justine takes her baby home tomorrow."

He stopped, rose on his arms and gazed into her hazel eyes. "Thats nice. Are you here with me or not?"

"Im here." She smiled, her fingers toying with his chin bringing his mouth back to hers; she tugged at his lips. Her hands roamed his chest and his palms circled her backside.

Hed intended to take his time after such a bitter absence from her, his addiction, but the tiniest arch of her hips against his groin drove him crazy. His arm outstretched, fumbled for the drawer handle in the bedside table, desperate to rip open a condom packet.

She grabbed his wrist, he thought to move his hand down her body, so he rasped, "Ill take care of you after, I promise."

"Lets take our chances."

He rolled off her like her skin had sprouted spikes. Sat on the edge of the bed. "We dont want snot-nosed rugrats, remember?"

"Maybe we could reconsider, if it happens it happens."

He frowned and she joined him, rubbed his shoulders. She hardly did that anymore. He wanted her all to himself. Always had. Hed never have been with any other woman if shed just paid attention. Understood that he worshipped her and that when she threw him over in favor of work, insipid clients, it was like a dagger to his heart. He shared enough. He didnt want some kid whod hog what little time she allowed him.

Episode 241: Taking You Home

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