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Episode 235: Drifting

Justine adjusted her position on the bed and made room for her good friend Michael Gable. As much room as she could considering she felt like a blimp next to the svelte businesswoman. She split a stack of envelopes in half and the glossy menus that looked like Norman Rockwell paintings. Michael had been decent enough to take time out from her busy schedule to help with Justineís fledgling mail order company. She needed all the help she could get.

"Snail mail. Who knew people still did this huh?" The dark hair beauty teased.

"I wanted an old-fashioned vibe." Justine rested a hand on her belly. "Plus to be honest itís more my speed at the moment."

"Itís been tough to slow down I bet. You must feel like thereís a million things you should do before the baby comes. This balance thing is so tough because I bet you also feel like you want to enjoy this time getting fat-"

"Iíll never enjoy the getting fat part," Justine laughed while sealing an envelope.

"I know. I just mean you know there are things in life that we let drift by you know for the sake of work or something we think is important. I have this husband who asks me out on dates and I think nothing of turning him down. How many husbandís ask their wives on dates? Iíve so got to give more of my time to him. Sometimes I think I want to chuck it all and just enjoy him. But then this nagging voice says come on why did we get the vote or burn bras so I could throw all that opportunity away?"

"Wow. You sound like me. I swear Iíve so been getting on Quentís nerves. Heís like well if you want a baby have a baby. If you want a career do that. Or do both. Whatever makes you happy. The thing is I donít know what makes me happy. Itís like at the moment Iím so tempted to flush this stupid business idea down the toi-"

Justine let out a pained moan and clutched her tummy. "Somethingís wrong!"

Episode 236: In These Arms

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