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Episode 234: Promises Made

"I swear Quent this book is scarier than anything Stephen King’s ever dreamed up," Justine stated. Much the same sentiment she’d reiterated for the past twenty minutes having worked herself into a panic over a pregnancy guide.

"Put the book away. Someplace you can’t find it. Who gave it to you anyway?" Quentin held the telephone between his shoulder and ear as he tried to go through the garage’s accounts.

"Sebastian brought it by."

"Of course."

"What’s that supposed to mean? He thought he was helping."

"Your family always does. Look how freaked you’ve been ever since we turned down your dad’s money, like that sealed our fate and something’s going to go wrong."

"I’m on bed rest Quent, call me crazy, well your mother and sister would, but I don’t find it particularly comforting."

"I know baby. I know." He forgot work and raked a hand through his dark hair. "I talked to mom and Tal, put a cease and desist on their armchair quarterbacking." He waited for a responce but receiving none got worried. His usual mode lately. Every bit as paranoid as his wife. Not that he’d tell her so. "Justine are you still there?"

"Do you think everything’s going to be alright?"

He grimaced. "I do."


"With all my heart."

Episode 235: Drifting

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