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Episode 233: Love Somebody

Avalon sat at the computer working on her résumé with her cat Shelby sound asleep on her lap. The cursor repeatedly wandered to her one sole college credit, an incomplete in Russian lit.

It represented the best time in her life. Her mother’s brief reprieve from illness. And Sebastian before he’d truly disappointed her for a second time.

She moved on to references typed in Bowie and Katherine Marques’ vitals. If wishes came true a job would fall into her lap where she could give up her assistant gig altogether. And eliminate all the added opportunities to run into Sebastian.

Ava looked at the tiny clock on the screen. Nearly three in the morning. Tired but she couldn’t go back to bed. She had a dream or was it a nightmare? Involving Sebastian, the kind where you wake up surprised to still be wearing plaid flannels rather than someone else’s warm flesh.

A pair of hands clasped over her eyes, "Guess who?" Asked a voice she’d not heard in days.

"I hardly remember." She responded flatly and removed Xavier’s hands, they smelled like a chimney.

"Sorry about that Babe, let’s make up for lost time," he said and spun her chair, Shelby fleeing. Drawing Ava into his slim black clad embrace, he kissed her and rasped, "I missed this."

"Me too." She replied trying to dismiss that he tasted like Altoids proceeded by bourbon. What did that matter anyway? Just because he had one problem which he’d never actually admitted to doesn’t meant he has another. And she wouldn’t put it past Sebastian to have made the whole lot up.

Sebastian always wanted what he couldn’t have and would have no qualms destroying Xavier in the process. And if he got her he’d be on his best behavior for all of two minutes. Avalon plastered on a smile and unbuttoned Xavier’s shirt and ran her hands over his prominent ribs. She had missed him. That was all the dream meant. She missed Xavier.

Episode 234: Promises Made

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