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Episode 232: You Make Me Sick

"Itís all right Christine;" Phillip Marques called off his secretary who had a look on her face like sheíd take a bullet if asked.

Quentin took a seat and kept his eye on the clock, his foot tapped as Marques finished up a business call. The brown suede chair more comfortable than any heíd sat in his whole life. How heíd wound up with a woman who came from all this, he didnít know.

Material stuff meant nothing to him but he hated that she had to give up any of it to be with him. So Quent tried to be patient and wait to speak with her father. For Justine. Prejudiced and vindictive as her family may be she deserved a relationship with them. And she did put up with his family. He knew that wasnít easy on her.

"Sorry about that, Iíll get right to the point here Quentin, I donít think either of us is interested in idle chitchat," Phillip Marques stated.

"No sir, I do have a job to get back to as well," Quent replied, holding his tongue.

"Iíve set up an emergency fund for your son or daughter since you and Justine arenít anywhere near solvent. This is emergency only Quentin not for a motorcycle or a wardrobe for your wife. If you two would look over this agreement then Iíll see that the money is appropriately allotted to the child through my attorney, as we deem necessary."

"No weíll take a pass." Quentin got to his feet steaming mad, heart breaking for his wife.

"Maybe weíll struggle to make ends meet maybe we wonít, but our child will be loved unconditionally. You know I really wanted to go home and tell my wife you were ready to fix this, I was willing to let my disgust with you go and then you threw money at us. Donít you ever think of what a great person youíre missing out on? And pretty soon your first grandchild too. What a rich life you lead Mr. Marques."

Episode 233: Love Somebody

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