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Episode 230: All That She Wants

Quentin Vincente slammed his steering wheel at least twenty times during his drive across town in noon traffic. Summoned by his father-in-law, why, he didn’t know.

Justine had sure been excited to see that Hummer pull up outside the house on Christmas Eve. Quent hadn’t kicked the snow off his boots when his wife bombarded him with questions. Asked who the driver was, if it was some big deal customer, if there were more where that one came from.

She really wanted his garage to be a huge success. And no so much for the money, the material stuff. Justine supported him greatly, even if sometimes she expected a level of ambition he’d simply never possessed.

Chatter about that pricey vehicle had ended in an abrupt manner though. When he’d explained that her dad gave him a lift. She’d commented on the weirdness factor and inquired as to what he’d said, which had amounted to pretty much nothing.

So she left it at that. And snowed in, free from relatives, they’d had a nice quiet holiday just the two of them and the baby in her belly.

Quentin walked into the ornate office building aware that the hole his jeans’ knee combined with hair that needed cutting made for a scruffy picture. He pulled the crumpled message from his pocket. Maybe Marques wanted to mend things with Justine. He hoped so.

"Can I help you sir?" The receptionist asked, looking Quent up and down.

"Uh, yeah, Quent Vincente to see Phillip Marques, I’m married to his daughter."

"He’s running a good thirty minutes behind," The woman said checking her watch, "If you wouldn’t mind taking a seat he’ll be with you as soon as he possibly can."

He needed to get back to work in ten. He’d been on the bad end of Marques’ power trips too many times for this. Whatever the guy wanted he’d just have to spit it out. Quentin charged through the office doorway.

The receptionist rose and shouted, "Sir! Sir!"

Episode 231: You Make Me Sick

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