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Episode 225: Toy Soldiers

"Itís a madhouse out there," Lila announced stomping the snow from her purple shearling boots. She unwound the long gold sequined scarf looped around her neck and shrugged off her coat.

"Is that why you came home with no shopping bags?" Bowie asked, eyes lifted from the marketís financial statement.

"Well I didnít want to fight with some cow over the last George Foreman grill, besides, you know Iím fussy, I canít find the perfect thing the first time." Lila said curling up on the couch she reached out to the coffee table and swiping Jesseís candy cane from his visit with Santa.

Bowie let it slide, heíd buy the kid a dozen tomorrow, if he could find that much change under the cushions. He shook his head. "Were they all out of the action figure Jess wanted or did you even bother to look?"

Lila slapped her forehead. At least she still had a conscience, he thought. "Iíll get it tomorrow. I promise."

"Would you mind going on your lunch break? I told him the three of us would go together after dinner and pick out the tree," Bowie said tapping his pen.

"I planned on-"

"Unplan it if you can, he misses you."

"Okay but I mean youíre just buying, the decorating is the important part," she replied.

"Whatever Lilac." He snarled, bend his head. Tried to make sense of the figures. He drove a hand through his messy hair. "Listen I should have told you before but things they might get tight around here. Iím trying to figure out a way to leave the store without losing my shirt. That Gable heís so slimy- things arenít the same I hardly connect that place with the one I grew up with. Heís made it so miserable. He chased Ava away. Itís ridiculous."

"Well youíre there too, why is it all Curranís fault?"

"Damn Lila," he gritted his teeth. "Who are you engaged to, him or me?"

Episode 226: Merry Christmas Darling

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