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Episode 218: A Little Luck Of Our Own

Avalon clutched Xavierís hand trailing so far behind that his arm was twisting behind his back just to keep her in tow.

Estella, the fifty-something real-estate agent with silvery blonde hair was showing them their fifth house of the day. "Now this room would be fantastic for a recording studio, a little soundproofing, and with your pretty muse youíll be all set!"

"The place is kind of like that house Dylan recorded in, huh?"

"Oh totally," Estella nodded.

"Yeah, it has four walls," Ava muttered.

"What babe?" Xavier asked, turning, spinning her into his chest, and kissing her. "So, you like? Itís not that big, I donít know about you but I donít want to get lost in here, you know,"

Mmm, she really did enjoy his lips, sometimes too much, that was half the reason she was here buying a house she couldnít afford especially now that she was no longer employed at the market. She forced herself to take a step back, to think clear, "Weíre not supposed to get all enthusiastic in front of Estella, are we?"

"I should have let you two discuss this alone eons ago. Young love, a first home, gosh itís just so inspiring isnít it?" Estella escaped from view in her orange blazer her heels clip-clopping away.

"Should I write out a check?" Xavier asked his hand looping around Avaís side.

His hands were almost as intoxicating as those lips. Intoxicating was poor word for it, but then lately she was lost for the right words, the right choices. This was a Lila thing to do, moving in with a guy, not an Ava one. "Why donít we try an apartment first, mine is-"

"Have you ever lived in a house, Avalon?"

"My mom and I had a little place right before she- well it was basically like an apartment though I guess,"

"I never had a house either; we were always moving one place or another when I was growing up. I just want a house," Xavier said, his eyes speaking to Avaís heart like a puppy dog looking for table scraps.

Episode 219: Strong Enough

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