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Episode 217: She Will Be Loved

"Yeah, Iíve been curious for quite sometime now, Ava who?" Kylie asked rather suddenly at the open doorway reaching for her tweed jacket on the coat rack. "Oh, no, wait," she held her hand up in front of Bowie, "I forgot Iím strictly on a donít ask donít tell basis regarding the mysterious Ava. Donít get too lonesome in that big empty bed tonight Sebastian."

"Thanks," Sebastian said to Bowie as they watching Kylie exit. "You could go away anytime now; youíve successfully ruined my evening."

Sebastian tried to push Bowie out the door but the guy lugged bags of potatoes for a living while Bas tried to do well less than nothing on any giving day. Obviously Bowie wouldnít be budging. "Okay what horrific turn of events has Avalonís like taken now, that youíd bring her problem to the devil. That is how you and she probably describe me in your friendly chats, right?"

Bowie shoved past Sebastian and took a seat in the armchair messaging his heavy dark brows. "Avaís moving in with Xavier Rafi."

A rush of air seeped from Sebastian as he closed the door, turning around he wore his finest cool calm facade while dropping deep into the sofa. "The guy went to rehab supposedly so he should be-"


Arenít you her best friend? She didnít tell you that she practically slapped me down for letting her in on the fact that the guy nearly overdosed in my parentsí greenhouse."

"Itís worse than I thought."

"What do you know about him?"

"Nothing, I just like the guy even less than I like you thatís all."

"So youíre going to push her back my way?"

"Not a chance, I just- sheís been lonely and vulnerable since her mom dies, I thing if you hired someone to find her father maybe she could fill the void with him instead of Rafi."

"I donít know. We donít know what her fatherís like, do we?" Sebastian covered his face with his hands, "Iíll think about it, thatís all Iím promising."

Episode 218: A Little Luck Of Our Own

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