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Episode 216: Bounce

"We donít have enough content that really grabs," Kylie observed sitting in Sebastianís lap flipping through one of the first mock-ups for the magazine launch.

"Canít we talk about this at work, there are other things that Iíd much rather grab," Bas said, trying to push the tiny glossy away but she kept a firm grip on it determined to continue poring over its pages.

He pushed aside Kylieís blond hair and began nuzzling her neck, "See the idea of being in my house is to get away from annoying work stuff and concentrate on pleasanter things like the bed being conveniently behind that door over there."

The doorbell rang. Kylie stood up and Sebastian reached for the hem of her short aquamarine skirt but she got away landing on the nearby sofa, her curvy knees folding underneath her. "Youíd better go see who that is it could be important."

"Great! I donít know why you even came over," Sebastian grumbled. "Thatís just how I pictured tonight talking to some vacuum salesman or something."

He pulled open the door. "Oh, what are you doing here?" Basí heart began to thud in his chest looking at Bowie, grimmer and paler than usual. Sebastian assumed he had some suspicions about Lila only he had the wrong guy. Sure, Sebastian had maybe helped along the affair but she was headed in that direction anyway wasnít she? Anyway, he wasnít about to take a fist on behalf of Curran Gable; the whole point had been getting the guy out of his hair. "Look just cool off, Lila and I are just friends."

"What are you talking about?" Bowie asked crossing his arms.

"Uh yeah," Sebastian replied fumbling for words, confused. "Iím not sure, what exactly did you say that you were here for?"

"I didnít want to come here but I couldnít thing of anyone else itís about Ava."

"Who?" Bas asked looking at his feet.

Episode 217: She Will Be Loved

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