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Episode 215: Easier

Bowie ran a hand through his close cropped hair, Ava was his best friend and yet there seemed to be an ever growing divide between the. Lately at work they hadnít talked about much of anything other than work.

And now out of nowhere while opening a box of fresh apples Ava announced to him that she was moving in with Xavier Rafi. Suddenly he longed for the good old days of Sebastian Marques. "Huh, well, um, good luck I guess,"

"Weíve been dating for a year it just seemed the next logical step."

"Uh, huh," Bowie nodded without looking at her tearing open another box just narrowly avoiding chopping off his hand. "So youíre just a hoop, skip and a jump from marrying the guy? Youíre keeping in mind that heís a musician right?" Bowie could not disguise his dismay; either way it seemed like Avalon was bound to be heart heíd rather it was something softer, from him.

"Well, youíre keeping in mind that youíre marrying Lila right?"

"Speaking of, ever sending out those invites?" Curran appeared, loomed suddenly, the guy was way too stealth for Bowie liking he should wear a bell, several of them.

Curran put his arm around Avaís should and she rolled her eyes knowingly towards her dear old friend Bo. "Listen Iíve tried wracked my brain for a better financial solution but Iím afraid you need to take a pay cut."


This was the first Bowie had heard of this and the looks on Gable and Avaís faces inspired some kind of switch to go off in him, like it set off his Jerry McGuire alarm and he just walked out.

Episode 216: Bounce

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