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Episode 212: I Know What Boys Want

"What sort of diploma does one need to know that those photographs are not anywhere near trashy enough to appeal to guys?" Lila asked shuffling the photos in her hands.

"Oh I donít know how about one that lest you know that so-called menís magazines tend to have a high female readership that we canít afford to turn off while weíre turning on their boyfriends," Kylie snarled back.

"What do you think Bas? I mean these girls arenít wearing turtlenecks certainly but they do have a very definite Ava-ness to them, and since you spent so much time being hot for her yet always ending up in bed with-"

"Whoís Ava?" Kylie inquired blinking profusely and Taroís head fell into his hands.

"Nobody, the past," Sebastian replied, focused, or at least it seemed, on his gameboy.

"Sheís the love of his life, which is, of course why heís no longer with her and there are a million other guys just like him claiming to want Mary Ann but going home with Ginger. Look at Taro here-"

"Letís not Lila- I told you not to hire her," Taro said, kicking Sebastian under the conference table.

"I second that;" Kylie huffed collecting her things. "Let me know when youíve removed her and that fire-engine hair to her rightful place in the mailroom, oh and uh, boss, next time I ask who Ava is, have an answer."

Episode 213: Nobody Wants To Be Lonely

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