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Episode 211: What About Your Friends

"So, um, I just want to thank-you for teaching me buckets, I mean I donít have a stellar background and it really meant a lot that you took a chance one me," Unable to look Michael Gable in the eye, Lila concentrated on the pin-stripes of her own mini-skirt. "I canít be a secretary forever, I mean not that you havenít given me ample opportunity to spread my wings and-"

"Before you start some Mariah Carey song, I know, Lila,"

"You know?" Lila asked, wide-eyed, neck slinking down into her shoulders wishing she hadnít left her purse with the pepper spray at her desk, who knew how a guyís wife would react?

Michael stood up and moved to Lila in stocking feet completely stunning Lila with a hug, "Congratulations, Sebastian called and asked if it would be alright if he poached you for his magazine staff, it must be so exciting, starting up something new can be so fantastic,"

"E-exciting," Lila was nearly choking, "Um yeah, I was thinking you know fashion or society maybe, we have to iron out the details still,"

"Well make sure if youíre in charge of gossip that they say nice things about Curran and I," Michael laughed then quieted to a smile. "I hope we stay in touch never underestimate the support of girlfriends after a long tough day of business, Iíve repped enough magazines to know itís no piece of cake."

Lilaís jaw dropped, she didnít know she had any such thing as a girlfriend, Sebastian was as close as sheíd come, and he was definitely more a guy that sheíd had sex with.

Episode 212: I Know What Boys Want

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