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Episode 210: I Wanna Do It All

"I squeezed my YSL coat into one of your bags, it can get quite chilly on campus at night and there’s two bottles of vitamins in your Sophia," Katherine said gesturing to the shiny red Marc Jacobs purse by the door.

"Thank you mommy, I promise not to get the sniffles until Thanksgiving," Adria giggled bear-hugging her mother.

Sebastian walked over embracing his baby sister, laughing, "Don’t go getting pregnant the old man definitely wouldn’t approve."

"Sebastian!" Katherine and Phillip shrieked in unison.

"He’s kidding people;" Adria smiled sidling over to Paul not even noticing that she’d gauged Taro’s foot with her Gucci shoes. "Besides, my boyfriend’ll be a million miles away what’re we going do it via e-mail?"

"Okay, enough of that before I lose my lunch," her father protested and it was difficult to decide who was redder in the face, him, Paul, or Taro. "Let’s get going Adria, on the way we can discuss your major, by the end of freshman year young lady, no waffling, you will be declared."

"Yes daddy, no waffling, no basket weaving, not one ounce of fun if I can help it," Adria grinned planting a big kiss on Paul before skipping out the door of her family’s mansion.

Episode 211: What About Your Friends

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