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Episode 209: Stuff And Nonsense

"I’m going to toss my entire wardrobe, start fresh for college," Adria remarked to Avalon as they walked side by side through the most expensive mall in town. "You can have any of my old stuff, my closet’s loaded with minis and I mean you’re dating a rock star you should probably think about tarting it up a bit if you’re going to compete with all those groupies."


"Hey, don’t be glum, he obviously thinks you’re hot, I was just kidding," Adria smiled worriedly, she’d yet to find her comfort zone with Ava, the girl was older and a great deal brainier than her normal crowd. "You could leave, I mean if you wanted, I know mom saddled you with this. She had this whole bonding through shopping thing planned; she was the only one who believed she’d actually show."

"She meant well," Ava shrugged her shoulders. "So, um tell me what the new grown up Adria is going to look like?"

Adria’s eyes sparkled, delighted, linking her arm through Avalon’s. "Marni has tops just to die for, and I’m aching for some Gwen Stefani type plaid pants, oh and you can’t go wrong with Ralph’s Oxford shirts, they’d be so perfect under Bas’ Paul Smith jacket which I totally plan on swiping. Oh gosh, I shouldn’t mention Sebastian should I?"

"Uh, no it’s fine, he is your brother, I can disown him, you can’t," Ava half-smiled.

"Oh, my family’s pretty good at the whole disowning thing!" Adria giggled. "So you’re really over Sebastian then huh? Cause sometimes you know, I’ve seen you two bump into each other at the house and well, I don’t know, I’d about give anything to have someone look at me that way, you know that starry skies big time romantic movie way,"

Episode 210: I Wanna Do It All

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