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Episode 206: Heaven Help Me

"Iím not stupid Shelby, your friend Sebastian-" Ava stroked the little catís belly and she purred contently in turn. "Sebastian thinks that Iím- that Iím as selfish as he is that I couldnít see something this seriously wrong with Xavier."

"You see kitty, what Sebastian did, it wasnít coming from some place of goodness. It was exactly what you were, an opportunity, a chance to say look at me Iím sweet now, Iíve changed, Iíve grown up, itís been five whole minutes since some other girl has been warming my bed."

Avalon nestled further into her secondhand sofa, in no mood to pick up her copy of The Jane Austen Book Club, a definite sign of depression she didnít need those television ads to tell her that. She pulled her knees into her chest and pulverized her big brown eyes with her palms.

"No Shelby, Iím not stupid. Letís go over the list, shall we? I lost my virginity in a car to a boy I didnít trust. Iíve got so much pride Iíd rather work two crummy dead-end jobs than get a paid for grade A education. Oh, and the capper, my boyfriend, the one person whoís moodier that I am? Heís sticking needles in himself, I knew it and didnít say a word."

"All of this, and Iím telling my troubles to a, no offense, Shell, a cat. I donít even feel that I can talk to Bowie anymore, am I going to take advice from someone intent on marrying Lila Benson?"

"I always thought it was such a joke, all those twenty-somethings in St. Elmoís Fire having a mid-life crisis-" Ava could have gone on like that, in circles for several hours feeling sorry for herself but the telephone interrupted her pity party.

"Hey Babe."

"Xavier." The line was silent for quite a length just breathing.

"I wrote something about you, do you want to hear it?" Xavier asked and before Avalon could answer the guitar began to strum so melodiously.

Episode 207: Foolish

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