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Episode Twenty: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve

"I should slap myself in the face, it would be so much quicker that way," Bowie surmised watching Lila across the dance floor, a cocktail in one hand, a hockey player in the other.

"I’m just glad you got me out of mothballs," Ava said though her mind was still half at home with her mother unable to totally let loose for the New Year.

Sebastian left his new sidekick Taro in Lila’s capable and willing to do anything for him hands. He made a beeline for Avalon’s table unprepared for how well the store clerk would clean up. She wore a shimmering gold slip and was staggering to look at. It wouldn’t occur to him to think it was borrowed from Lila and not Ava’s style.

He put on his best sheepish shy face, approached the dark-haired beauty and extended his arm, "Promise not to step on my toes and I won’t step on yours,"

She glanced at Bowie who seemed eager to have the wealthy young man out of Lila’s playing field; she would be the virgin sacrifice to the volcano. "Personal feelings aside,"

"Naturally," he answered smooth as silk leading her onto the floor as Lenny Kravitz’ ‘Again’ began to play. Suddenly he wasn’t sure if this was the best idea.

"Against my better judgment, this is kind of nice; you’re actually almost good,"

"I’m no Mr. Darcy, but I get by," Sebastian moved his hands a little up her back. "Of course he’s not Heathcliff, now there’s a guy who knows how to get undivided attention,"

"Heathcliff & Catherine made each other weak, they’re hardly romantic," Avalon argued.

Sebastian could have pummeled Taro, Wuthering Heights makes women crumble he had said. "Sure I was going to add that I prefer Count-uh," She saw him straining his eyes over her shoulder. "Count-uh, you know the plum plum guy-"

"What the?" Ava scrambled out of his embrace, glaring hard. "You wrote crib notes, am I supposed to be impressed?" She was holding his smudged hands too tightly.

"Something like that," Sebastian began until Bowie interrupted the messy scene.

"Avalon, your neighbor just beeped me there’s a problem with your mom."

Episode Twenty-One: Wonderdrug

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