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Episode 195: The Trouble With Love

Adria attempted to turn her staring eyes into burning lasers to no avail. Her brotherís best friend, Taro, did not get set ablaze. She walked by him at least eighteen times in her Missoni mini-dress and not once did she garner more of his attention than the mile high pile of food in front of him from the annual Garden Partyís buffet.

She walked past a million tulip bulbs and to her delight spotted Paul Jordan; his hands dipped in the pockets of his khakis shyly standing behind a pair of potted plants.

"Long time no see, I heard you took my genius advice," she smiled, touching his muscled forearm.


"Is there no boy on earth that listens to me when I talk?"

"Wait, I listen," Paul said, confused. "Hey, I uh, saw you in that play, a friend of mineís little sister worked on the set so we came by, anyway I thought you were really good, terrific really."

"Really?" Adriaís voice came out in an excited squeak hardly able to contain her excitement. "So, like I was saying I heard you took my advice and youíre entering a couple pro tennis tournaments this summer, Iíd really love to know which ones, Iíd love to-"

"Excuse me, sorry Adria, I donít mean to interrupt but have you seen Xavier? He was pretty uncomfortable, I just didnít think he would leave without letting me know," Avalon inquired.

Meanwhile Sebastian was nursing a hangover and readying to get an earful from his father for being late when passing by the greenhouse he heard a crash.

Episode 196: Addicted

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