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Episode 194: Brass In Pocket

"Which cartoons did you watch growing up?" Sebastian posed this query to the Stanford grad seated opposite him.

"Excuse me?"

"You know, Bugs, Scooby-"

"He’s kidding," Taro covered with his instinctual professionalism shaking the young writer’s hand.

"Not really, no," Bas said bored out of his mind. They’d been interviewing prospective employees all day and he’d been considering painting a stripe on the wall to watch it dry instead.

"We really appreciated you coming down on such short notice, we’ll let you know by the end of the week, okay, Kylie Davidson, you’re next," Taro said thoroughly enjoying his newfound position of power, it was like his video audition for the apprentice had never been turned down.

Kylie with her flowy blonde Gwyneth mane and tortoise-shell John Lennon glasses didn’t so much enter the room as command it.

"Ms. Davidson, what makes you think you’ll be the right fit for our publication?"

"I’m the best you’re going to see today or any other day, those people waiting out there, they’ll be just as happy to go from here to the next reality show auditions. I’m the next Tina Brown boys, only with staying power, so you better catch me while you can."

Sebastian had no idea who Tina Brown was, famous editors weren’t particularly on his radar but nonetheless he grabbed the clipboard from Taro’s hands, ripped out his beloved questionnaire and crumpled it into a mini basketball.

Episode 195: The Trouble With Love

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