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Episode 184: She's A Mystery

An awful sneezing fit flew down the curved staircase, snapping Ava right out of her Sebastian spell. Mr. Marques was steaming when his foot slammed against the bottom step.

Retrieving Shelby, Avalonís caramel complexion turned something more cotton candy pink. Meanwhile Sebastian was far from considering what a potential trust fund whirlwind this could kick up, he hardly made any effort to quell the look of triumph that sprang up on his lips and in his eyes.

"Iím so sorry Mr. Marques, I didnít know you were allergic to cats, I meant to keep her in the kitchen, just for today but then she got out and Sebastian found her so wh- when you walked in I was just thanking him for finding her."

Phillip studied the pair of them and threw on his coat then went out the door on his way as heíd meant to all along without saying a word.

Before the door even closed Sebastian was with Ava his hand about to hook onto her small waistband when she extended the spare hand that wasnít cradling Shelby to keep him at bay. "I didnít mean to do that and donít you dare say that I did."

Bas caught her, entwining her slender fingers with his. "I wouldnít think of speculating on what goes on in that mind of yours Avalon, if I knew, I wouldnít keep royally messing everything up. Are you keeping Shelby?"

Episode 185: Save My Life

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