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Episode 183: Savior Child

Shelby happily slurped away at her dish of milk while Avalon anxiously watched the kitchen door worried that the Marquesí or their staff would discover sheíd been stowing away the little kitten while she worked and as luck would have it the door did swing open. It was Sebastian.

Shelby slipped once or twice on the cold tile but managed to scamper through the opening past the young man who only had eyes for the taller girl in the room.

"Move Sebastian! Iíve got to find her before she turns your parents living room into a scratching post, where is she?" Ava asked frantically looking high and low.

She was playing hide and seek under the sofa when Sebastian found her and scooped her up. "I didnít know you had any pets?"

"I donít, well I guess I do now, I shouldnít have brought her to work but sheís just so tiny it didnít seem right to leave her. Someone left her at my door on Valentineís Day, maybe it was Xavier, I donít know," she mused out loud.

Sebastian frowned and the kitten snuggled in closer to him, purring softly. He stroked the top of her head. "I donít know Shelby I donít think a guy like-"

"What did you just say?" Ava asked storming over pulling Shelby into her arms. "How did you know her n- you did this didnít you?"

Bas licked his lips to stall for time trying to choose his words carefully. "Okay, yeah, Iím evil for giving you a kitten, I guess Iím banished from the Ava kingdom just for wanting you to- to just have someone so you wouldnít be as lonely as you seemed on New Yearís Eve."

It came over her quite quickly it was a foreign out of control impulse to put Shelby on the floor beside her and throw her arms up behind the nape of his neck and kiss him.

Episode 184: She's A Mystery

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