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Episode 182: Valentine Girls

Adria sat on her bed at the Lakeway Academy with history books spread out in front of her and her hand dipping into the box of Godiva chocolates sent by her mother.

She sighed as Delilaís radio show played her very favorite, albeit secret favorite song ĎMy Heart Will Go On.í

"That was so, so good I canít believe havenít seen Casablanca before," Justine said hanging up her suede coat.

"You were on the cell phone half the time." Quentin observed.

"No just twice, and I saw everything that counted like when Bogey said I donít know, something like of all the gin joints in all the towns, that was so you when we started dating."

"Iím really sorry brown eyes but Iíve got this thing, a band thing, Valentines is just a Hallmark thing anyway, right?" Xavier said into the phone, sounding sleepy.

"Yeah, Iíll see you in a couple days maybe then." Ava said and hung up.

Almost immediately there was a rapid knock at the door. No one was there but a soft sound prompted her to look down at her feet. Inside a little basket, tucked away in a fuzzy pink babyís blanket was a tiny black and white kitten just waking from a nap.

Ava picked up the animal cradling it against her and searched up and down the hallway for whoever had left it at her door. Then she spotted a heart-shaped note pinned to the blanket, it read "My name is Shelby, I need someone to love me and I heard that you needed someone too."

Episode 183: Savior Child

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