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Episode 178: I Remember You

After an unwanted encounter with that letch Curran Gable under the mistletoe and a brief waylay from Sarette Jordan and her sullen son, Avalon finally made her way out through the French doors onto the quiet patio. The air was chilly from the remainders of a recent snowfall but anything felt better than that party. She wasnít born to it like Adria, although Sebastian didnít seem to take to it all that naturally either.

He continued to puzzle Ava. And he was really all that came to mind as her brown eyes wandered from the lawn to the greenhouse to the gatehouse.

Sebastian was standing behind her for a moment and she didnít even notice until his coat was gently draped over her small shoulders. Before even looking up into that perfect face she knew it would be him. It was his pattern he always caught her at the absolute worst or absolute best time or both.

She pulled the jacket closed and leaned back against the railing. "Thanks, I was cold."

"I saw Gable cornered you, I was hoping you were going to slap him, I know you have that hair-trigger hand on New Yearís Eve," Sebastian smiled that casual smile of his. "Then I wished Iíd thought of the mistletoe first... itíll be midnight any second you know."

"Sebastian..." her voice trailed off as she tried to look everywhere but at him. He was standing so close to her now. They were cheek to cheek. If sheíd only turn just a little...

"Avalon," Adria sing-songy teenage voice called from the open door. "Your boyfriend is on the phone for you."

Episode 179: Here Comes The Rain Again

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