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Episode 177: Beautiful Girl

Sebastian didnít hear a word his date was saying. Avalon was helping Adria navigate the long stretch of stairs on her crutches. She was wearing a silk halter dress that barely touched her knees that matched the highlights in her thick hair that was spun up on top of her head. To say Avalon was breathtaking would be highly underestimating things.

"You know what Sebastian I can really get any cover I want, I was in Landís End like two years ago you know, second page, men do not look at other girls when Iím around itís a rule I have." Rista said pulling up the skirt of her dress so she wouldnít trip on it during her dramatic exit.

By that time Adria and her Barbie doll for the night had made it to the bottom of the stairs and witnessed the entire scene. Adria was all smiles, though her mood dipped a little when she noticed that Taro was not with her brother.

"You should share that with Avalon," Adria said pulling a champagne flute from her brotherís grasp and handing it to Ava. "Of course I wouldnít drink it, underage and all, Iíll see you both later, single and mingling you know."

"Here, I think you should take this to your girlfriend she doesnít exactly look happy over there," Ava said with a warm smile, placing the drink back in his hands.

"Yeah," Sebastian replied turning his head with a slight grin. "Havenít lost my touch."

Episode 178: I Remember You

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