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Episode 176: I've Got A Theory

"No one my age is even coming, I could have gone to Aspen," Adria complained at nine oíclock on New Yearís Eve as she leaned on her crutches haphazardly applying her MAC lip glass. "Does this look stupid? I mean, hot pink Proenza Schouler with a cast, honestly!"

"You look great Adria;" Avalon replied hanging in the doorway in a black turtleneck and a pair of jeans. "Your mom asked me to tell you that it would be okay if you stayed up here and watched television everyone would understand,"

"No way I havenít watched Dick Clark since I was ten and Iím not about to now," Adria said replacing the wand in her Extencils mascara. "How come youíre not dressed?"

"I only stayed to help your mom and Mia get things ready and then Iím headed home for a bubble bath and some Dick Clark," Ava smiled at the young girl.

"Youíve got to stay, you absolutely have to, itís bad luck to start the new year on your sofa, and youíre dating a rock star for goodness sake you donít want to rock the boat do you?" Adria pulled Avalon by the arm into her bedroom. "You never wear your hair up, youíd look so hot that way and I have the perfect dress for you, itíll probably fit, I am getting a little hippy,"

Downstairs, Sebastian took two glasses of Cristal from the waiterís tray and did not offer either one to his date. Rista was a bleach blonde and an aspiring model. Aspiring to be on the cover of his new magazine, whenever it actually got off the ground.

"So is it going to be like Maxim, Gear... are you even listening to me Sebastian?"

Episode 177: Beautiful Girl

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