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Episode 175: Wonderful Christmastime

"Who knew Disneyland was smack dab in the middle of downtown?" Lila laughed the most joyous laugh Curran had heard in quite sometime. They were in the biggest most expensive department store in the city, glittering with decorations, and Lila was twirling around like a falling snowflake trying to take it all in.

"You made that Santaís year, look at that smile on his face," Curran joked, staring at the photo of the red head curled up in old St. Nickís lap.

"Oh, come on I heard they make the best hot chocolate here," Lila said locking her arm in his drawing him clear across the store. "It was on Oprahís favorite things, she like ships away for it, I canít imagine people ship away for hot chocolate."

Curran held up two fingers and handed several bills before they settled at a little round table.

"I still canít believe they make Armani Barbie dolls, I had one but she only had a blue bikini," Lila babbled on, her eyes twinkling as she took a sip of the delicious treat. "Bowie would be looking at me like Iím such an idiot right now."

He smiled kindly. "No one should make you feel bad about being happy, this place is ridiculous thatís the entire point, there ought to be someplace where anything you can dream up is right at your fingertips. You know, I have a quick little errand to run, Iíll be back in five minutes, check over your list while Iím gone then if youĎre done maybe we can go to the ice rink."

At first Lila thought this was one of those times where the guy leaves and doesnít come back. It just felt like one of those perfect days that always had the habit of ending that way for her. Like that big Christmas she planned with Sebastian and he blew her off. It turned out she was wrong this time. Big time wrong. Curran came back. Ten minutes later with a gift-wrapped box complete with a big red bow that he insisted she open immediately. It was an Armani Barbie.

Episode 176: I've Got A Theory

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