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Episode 170: Ready For Love

Avalon switched off the alarm and dropped her head back down on the pillow. A tear escaped her eye without her knowing why. His thumb crept across her cheekbones and wiped it away. He didnít say anything in fact he still seemed to be quite asleep when she glanced over at him.

A nervous smile swept over her face, this was nice, this waking up next to somebody, nice, and maybe a little scary. She slipped her legs out from under the covers and shivered until she covered her nakedness with an oversize sweater.

She padded over to the closet to select the dayís uniform, jeans and a black fitted blouse. She put them on the bedside table as she scanned the room for her pearls.

"Itís really early," Xavier mumbled groggily pushing himself up on his skinny elbows. His eyes were bloodshot and even the Animť tattooed across his chest seemed sleepy.

"I didnít mean to wake you, I have to be at the market by nine," Ava apologized, "Have you seen my pearls anywhere?"

He pointed wildly to the small red chair on his side of the room. When she came past he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in towards him, kissing her. "I wonít be back until the middle of January, canít you call in sick?"

Avalon sighed barely moving her lips away from his. "Iím worried about Bowie, he keeps talking about Jesse like heís going to lose him. As much as I want to stay right here I just canít let him go through whatever this is alone, you know."

"This is gonna take some time getting used to dating a girl scout," Xavier smiled before kissing her some more.

Episode 171: You Can't Lose Me

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