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Episode Seventeen: What A Girl Wants

Avalon was making frozen waffles for dinner and listening to a late night cry-athon dedication hour on the radio. Crushes, heartaches, and Sebastian. He was a car accident and for curiosityís sake she wanted to look without having to stop.

"I am starved for fun, Catherine on the moors, no wonder Iím starting to lose my mind over him;" she determined and commanded her feet in an old forgotten habit. Her hippie love bead hair fanned across the night as she was drawn into Stingís "When We Dance."

Applause woke her from her guilty pleasure and her fork plummeted to the floor. "Mom, youíre out of bed!"

Bas had a gift for locating just the right person like the snap of David Blaineís fingers. Taro Sayer sat behind Sebastian in lit class and both had made quick studies of each other despite barely speaking more than twelve words in their entire acquaintance.

Taroís hazel eyes looked up from his burger with a raised brow. "I already have that guilt by association feeling before youíve even opened your mouth."

"Whereís your sense of adventure Sayer? No static, down the middle honest, sure thatís admirable but kind of a snoozer, no? Come on youíre in college, live a little,"

Taro looked scared, scared out of his mind scared and thatís when Sebastian knew he had him, "We need to impress a girl who isnít impressed by anything, itíll be fun, youíll see,"

Episode Eighteen: The First Noel

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