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Episode 169: Objection

"I canít believe heís handing over a magazine to Bassie, I mean whatís his entire layout going to be full of photos of that Ava girl," Justine whined while ignoring her husband and dinner completely. She sat there staring at her cell phone entirely disbelieving.

"You said it was failing anyway right so heís just giving him a shot to go down with the ship," Quentin replied in his usual, trying matter of fact way. "Are you going to eat Justine? Here try some of my steak, it seems like youíre getting really thin again...like when we met,"

She glared at him and stabbed at a piece of lasagna. "You can never be too rich or too thin."

Quentin raised his eyebrows at that.

"This is awful!" Justine proclaimed after one bite. "Your motherís is so much better than the chef at this so-called restaurant is. I was telling Curran about your mom, I have this idea, if you think sheíll go for it, I mean your mom makes a really terrific frozen dinner right, weíve been living off them for most of our marriage so I was thinking-"

"Is he there a lot? I mean, you and Curran are supposed to be Bowieís silent partners right, but youíre both there all the time," her husband said between mouthfuls.

Justineís mouth twisted up and then passed the cell phone across the small round table. "You know Iím so glad you asked Quent. Iíve been meaning to tell you about the mad affair Iím having with a guy whoís like fifteen years older than I am and makes my skin crawl. Oh, and you know heís siphoning away all my savings that I put into the store, so hereís the phone so now you can call my daddy up and report to him like a good little minion."

Episode 170: Ready For Love

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