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Episode 166: Dilemma

"Maybe this is a blessing in disguise Bassie, you have gotten more than a little weird since you met her, I mean sheís nice and sheís pretty but is she really worth losing your sanity over?" Justine said. She omitted the little fact that the rocker boy had been in the market earlier and she was amongst the throngs clamoring for an autograph.

"Very very helpful Justine you really should take up the suicide hotline as a hobby."

"Youíre not suicidal are you Bassie?"

"No Iím not suicidal Justine, Iím not psychotic you donít need to come over and take away all my knives. I just happen to know the difference between right and wrong, and I am right and that tortured musician crap is all wrong."

"Youíre like those women who read that Vogue article and now theyíre like all obsessed with their elbows even though they barely knew they were there before, you know," Justine waited on the other end of the phone for him to reply. "Iím saying maybe you only want her because sheís this coveted thing that you canít have anymore- okay that didnít sound exactly right. What Iím getting at is youíre never going to marry this girl youíre going to the altar with some gal named Muffy whoís like twenty-one when youíre forty, so itís just like leave it alone already."

"Maybe I will marry Ava, you donít know that," her younger brother fought back, offended.

"Yeah and Daddy will accept her with open arms and pigs will fly,"

"You know what, maybe he will. He respects her opinion you know; heís asked about work stuff the kind that he used to bring to you. Besides Dadís starting to go soft, you know that, he did call Quent, didnít he."

Episode 167: Mad Season

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