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Episode 165: Dangerous

Lila kicked off her shoes and settled in for a game of computer solitaire as Jesse set up a freeway system beside her desk.

"Hard at work?" Curran asked sneaking up on her, that hint of Irish in his accent belying anything truly sinister in his words. "Hearts is my game, so young lad what’s with you, are you stuck here waiting for your favorite girl just like I am?"

"Oh, he’s banned from talking today that mouth got him in trouble, suspended from kindergarten for the day, I couldn’t believe it, and it took me until at least the eighth grade to-"

Curran followed Lila’s tense gaze, anthropologist of women that he considered himself. Three men one as inelegantly dressed as the next exited the elevator. The one with the longest hair as that was the only way that Curran could see to distinguish them thus far crouched down next to the boy.

"Hey man you have the powder blue GTO-"

"Jack we’re here on business right? Set up a play date one your own time man, so," Xavier turned his intense ringed eyes on Lila. "So are you the publicist-"

"No way man she’s supposed to look like Thalia or something, right?" The third band member said.

Episode 166: Dilemma

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