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Episode 164: Dark Horse

Avalon slipped on her pale blue coat and pulled her long hair out from under the collar. Sebastian approached her tentatively. "Iím going to meet Taro for pizza; you could come along if you wanted."

"Shockingly that idea doesnít really appeal."

Sebastian felt like heíd lost his footing, like he was standing on the edge and it had just given way. Everything with her just felt really impossible. It wasnít like this was the first time; it was the hundredth it was like he wouldnít ever know the right thing to do with her especially if he spent any time thinking about it. So he didnít he went with the one thing that had worked for him in the first place, he kissed her.

Her hands were caught between their bodies but he would swear that she wasnít making anything like an effort to push him away. That was until the doorbell rang.

"I want to apologize to you- again, Ava, I think we can-" It was probably for the best that right there he was cut off by her act of opening the door.

"Are you ready to go babe?" Asked this stringy guy with tattoos creeping every which way out of his t-shirt. He was rubbing her forearm, Sebastian couldnít help but notice, right where she felt like the most perfect peach you could ever find on a hot summer day.

"Thatís great Ava, give yourself a round of applause, this is really the smartest choice youíve ever made. Your mom would be so proud." Bas spat at her.

And that was the line that made her haul off and slap him as Xavier looked on.

Episode 165: Dangerous

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