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Episode Sixteen: Keep It Together

"What are you doing?" Phillip Marques bellowed from the doorway of his home office. He was meticulous about his papers; fingerprints drove him mad.

Katherine was unruffled. "Youíre home late; itís just a postcard from Adria."

"And what adventures is our youngest up to?" He squeezed his wifeís shoulder.

"She says she needs money to buy the most fabulous dress ever for a mixer with the boysí school, itís her first dance." Katherine became misty-eyed as she shared the news.

"Donít cry Kath, sheíll be home for Christmas break before you know it," he said grabbing her hand leading her out to the hallway; that had been his primary goal since he walked in. "I saw Sebastian heading to the gatehouse on my way in; did he mention the University?"

"I donít like to press my luck Phillip."

"Thatís ridiculous Kath, he really wants this now, we had a big turnaround while you were in Chechnya. I bet he makes the deanís list this term, just like..."

"Justine. Phillip, her name is Justine, thatís the only thing that didnít change," Katherine replied without any tone in her voice at all, she still didnít know who to side with.

"Letís have a dinner party, Sebastian needs to meet my associates, learn to network-"

Katherineís stomach churned, luckily it took very little to send her husbandís mind skipping tracks. "How was work today?"

Episode Seventeen: What A Girl Wants

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