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Episode 158: Someday

"That was the most perfect ace ever- are you okay? You seem a little distracted for someone who just won a tournament;" Adria said before kissing Paul Jordan on the cheek and presenting him with his trophy. "Cheer up sweetie, you should totally be on your way to going pro you’re like eight thousand times cuter than Andy Roddick is."

"Thanks." He replied gnawing on his lower lip. After a shy, lackluster wave to the crowd he carried his trophy through the corridor and out onto the grounds to show his mother Sarette. Adria adjusted her princess sash and then trailed after him.

"You looked terrific out there Paul- my goodness we’ll need a whole new trophy case for this one," she smiled adoringly at her son as she feigned collapse upon holding the large prize.

"I wouldn’t mind taking it off your hands if you don’t want it," Adria giggled, shading her eyes from the sun. "Daddy doesn’t exactly respect the crown you kn-"

"That ball was so out, a couple years back and Jamie’d be holding that trophy, progress nowadays is all about PC PR," grumbled a young man rather loudly to a group of friends as they walked past the victor. "Hey Princess why don’t you come with us and congratulate the real winner?"

Sarette tried to calm her son with a pat on the back but he chose to walk towards the young men. Adria unsure of what to do grabbed Paul and gave him the biggest most public kiss that a place such as these and people such as those had ever seen.

Episode 159: What It Feels Like For A Girl

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