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Episode 153: Blurry

"I donít know Phillip, can I sign an affidavit for you, will that satisfy you, maybe itís your tender personality that made him drop the deal, how the hell do I know? I ask my patients about their health not their bank accounts." Katherine huffed. "I have to get to the hospital, Iíve been beeped could you either get out of the way or hand me my coat please, really it requires so little effort even you could do that much for me."

Phillip shook his head in disbelief, normally he would have left it at that, but this was one of those mornings that eat you alive before you know it. "I put you through med school and while I was doing it I was taking Justine to work with me from the time she could-"

"Spare me the list Phillip- I know your little Bryan Adams song and dance everything you-"

Adria strolled into the room a bite of apple in her mouth not at all aware of the tension surrounding her, Sebastian followed close behind heíd just come in through the kitchen he could hear the raised voices. "I need a ride to the club; Iím trying for the Princess contest,"

"Addie, what on earth do you want with a beauty contest? Phillip, my coat," Katherine ordered before pushing past him and retrieving it herself.

"Letís go Adria, you can tell me about whatever this contest is on the way," Phillip said ushering his youngest child out the door.

Sebastian was left alone with his mother. "Whatever your problem is donít take it out on him, especially not in front of Addie, he hasnít done a thing-"

"You donít know anything Sebastian, nothing."

Episode 154: One Way Ticket

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