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Episode 150: Count Me In

"Youíre not becoming some dorky Star Wars fanatic are you?" Sebastian asked Lila, while on his way back to his car after a night of clubbing and destructive thoughts. Justineís advice was to forget Ava; she was more helpful when they werenít speaking. "Youíre not trying out for one of those singing shows, I tell you Lila I heard you sing in the shower-"

"Shut up already Sebastian, Iím just trying to get tickets to see Puritan."

"Whoís that? Some new Dr. Oprah guy to help you train David Bowie there into being a better man?" You wouldnít really think it at first but Lila was almost every bit as tightly wound as Ava and nearly as much of a pleasure for Sebastian to tease.

"Will you hush up already and save my place in line, I really need to go across the street and use the bathroom at the gas station, I had a Big Gulp, I canít say itís the smartest thing Iíve ever done."

"I thought people were sending you limos, Iíd think a guy like that-"

"Iím keeping my distance from a guy like that, now are you saving my place or what?"

"Iíve got an empty coffee cup in my car just up the block that you could use- seriously though, from what I hear you should keep your options open about Gable."

"What do you- no, I donít want to know. Iím engaged to Bowie, Iím engaged-"

"Say it three times fast thatíll make it so- listen I can get you some tickets if you do this one thing for me."

Episode 151: Girl Talk

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